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The ALEA Group Selects eTrigue for Marketing Automation

The ALEA Group Expands Marketing Capabilities

TORONTO, February 1st, 2010– The ALEA Group (, a North American business-to-business consulting firm, today announced a partnership with eTrigue Corporation. ALEA will integrate eTrigue's email and marketing automation capabilities into their results-based outbound contact and strategic marketing services.

Looking for a marketing automation tool with speed, flexibility and ease-of-use to enable programs for its clients, ALEA researched several demand generation vendors before selecting eTrigue. According to ALEA, clients need to be able to track a lead from the cradle to grave and rate leads in real-time to ensure top notch quality. ALEA's industry leading "Pull" lead dissemination programs have changed the way organizations look at how they distribute their qualified leads.

"ALEA and eTrigue will give clients the ability to take raw material and percolate it to real prospects," said Louis Foong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The ALEA Group. "With this back-to-basics approach, we can show clients how to track a lead from point A to point B with fewer pain points."

With this partnership, ALEA and eTrigue plan to help the marketplace approach demand creation as part of a process and getting away from ineffective "Spike" marketing initiatives. eTrigue takes raw data and turns it into something tangible — it takes the demand generation process back to basics by doing things that we know work.

"With this partnership, we can help companies approach demand generation like a marathon versus a sprint," said Jim Meyer, Vice President, eTrigue Corporation. "By combining the many dimensions of our demand generation programs, we offer a seamless program that ties together outbound contacts with online and traditional marketing services."

The Last Mile Solution:
ALEA and eTrigue will offer industry leading, lead tracking tools that will allow clients to take raw data and turn it into something meaningful: a prospect. Clients already taking advantage of these benefits include Cisco, RIM, and Rogers Communications to name a few.

Five Steps for Success:

  • What kind of marketer are you? eTrigue and ALEA help clients understand if they are a spike marketer or a long-term marketer.
  • Creating an effective reporting system that is second to none. A tangible report that follows leads from cradle to grave is imperative it is the difference between the push vs. pull model.
  • Control of the database. Help clients digest information such as who is ready to buy and who is just kicking the tires.
  • Introduce an ironclad nurture process that allows clients to move from one bucket to the next bucket. This internal reporting allows clients to follow up with potential leads when the time is right.
  • Lead Scoring. Ability to rate the performance of the channel and rate the performance of the lead helps both parties ensure quality is always top priority.

Supporting Resources:
The ALEA Group Website:
eTrigue Website:

About The ALEA Group
ALEA has a 17-year history of helping companies create business value. ALEA's intimate understanding of technology and fast-moving markets provides insight to small and established companies developing technologies that are changing markets. ALEA also advises non-technology companies impacted by those changes, as well as investors who fund innovation. Please visit us at

About eTrigue Corporation
eTrigue is a leading provider of Intelligent Demand Generation™ and Sales Acceleration products that improve the way sales and marketing teams generate qualified leads and close sales faster. eTrigue SalesPro™ gives sales teams the real-time sales intelligence they need to identify, prioritize and effectively interact with prospective customers while eTrigue Professional™ helps marketers build successful demand generation programs that target, nurture and qualify prospective customers based on their "digital biography." For more information please visit or by calling 1-800-858-8500.

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