Advanced Account Mapping Service -- Identifying Hot Prospects

Account mapping is the major difference between quantity and quality of leads.

Lead generation may result in thousands of prospects but an experienced account mapping service like ALEA's will separate the grain from the chaff.

Account Mapping Service

ALEA has provided advanced account mapping services to wide-ranging businesses in Canada and throughout North America. Our success comes from delivering fresh valid contacts that your sales team can capitalize on.

We know that maintaining an up-to-date prospect database is critical to the success of your marketing initiatives and campaigns. No sense wasting the time of your sales team or advertising revenue on a long list of prospects, half of which don't pan out.

Your competitors will be targeting the same market segment as you. Your success lies in getting to the hot prospects before they do. ALEA's effective account mapping services close the gap between marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads. This not only means more business revenue but lower customer acquisition costs as well.

Contact us for successful account mapping programs in Canada and across North America.

Account Mapping Services Six-Month Recency
We believe that every marketing database should have a six-month-recency and encourage our clients to constantly update their prospects for maximum effectiveness. We can help you maintain a current databank by employing effective list-clean and account profiling programs. Our account mapping program promotes successful marketing initiatives because we validate key contacts in your target segment.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness
Our proven account mapping strategies increase marketing effectiveness and offer faster business growth by qualifying important prospects.

ALEA's successful account mapping service...

  • Confirms contact information
  • Secure opt-ins for future communications
  • Puts your sales team on the right track


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