Professional appointment setting services to increase your sales efficiency

appointment setting Appointment setting is an important part of your lead management and marketing initiatives. However your sales team shouldn't be wasting precious time on scheduling meetings. Your business would benefit more from getting an established lead generation company like ALEA to handle appointment setting for your sales team. We can arrange meetings with potential customers, leaving your marketing people free to focus on driving sales revenue.

Appointment Setting-marketing professionalsALEA's established Contact Centre in Canada includes experienced marketing professionals who are skilled in generating face-to-face meeting opportunities with qualified prospects. Use our appointment setting services to organize engagements and let your sales team work on sealing the deal with high-potential leads.

ALEA's appointment setting services increase the productivity and effectiveness of your sales force.

Contact us for appointment setting services in Canada and across North America.

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Our appointment setting services …

  • Identify appointment date and time
  • Send out calendar invites to both you and the prospect to secure appointment
  • Place reminder call prior to appointment day
  • Re-schedule appointment if necessary
  • Re-engage process available if you are unable to reach the prospect

Exceeding Expectations

We are a Technology Solutions company and outbound telemarketing is best left to the professionals. ALEA is the answer."
- CEO, Security and Identity Management Solutions Company



ALEA's Universal Definition of a Lead

1. Right Company
2. Right Person
3. Real Pain Point
4. Realistic Decision Timeline
5. Willingness To Engage
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ALEA's Professional Contact Centre

Appointment setting facilities are usually part of an established lead generation company's professional service. ALEA's Contact Centre personnel take the time to understand your business as well as prospects' requirements. We apply our marketing experience to skillfully steer conversations towards a positive outcome. We're committed to getting results for you and rarely come away without achieving them.

We know how to engage a prospect's attention, generate interest in your business and then present your product/service as the ideal solution. As with any successful lead generation service, we also gather valuable information that will help you make the conversion from prospect to customer.

Talk to us about appointment setting that will take lead generation closer to clinching the deal.