Effective B2B Lead Generation and Management Throughout the Sales Cycle

Quality Lead Generation Services Leads are important business prospects that can be converted into profitable sales revenue. Therefore, effective lead generation plays a vital role in business growth and profits. Naturally, the greater the number of hot leads, the higher your chances of success. Brand management, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns depend on lead generation for proper direction and more precise allocation of your resources.

ALEA is a market leader in B2B lead generation services in Canada and across North America. We help you identify fresh sales opportunities by building a pool of new, qualified prospects for your products and services.

We deliver tremendous value to clients; providing endless lists of potential customers is just not enough. Our experienced lead management program helps your sales team get right down to business by classifying leads according to potential and providing detailed information on the prospect's background. We work with them throughout the sales process feeding them with opportunities they can cash in on.

ALEA provides high quality leads for a wide spectrum of products and services. We will work with your sales team to analyze leads and ensure greater market penetration.

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Advanced Techniques

ALEA employs a combination of the most advanced techniques for successful lead generation and management across Canada. Our B2B teleprospecting (not to be confused with telemarketing) service is a shining example, where we use trained marketing professionals to qualify leads from your CRM, inbound and outbound marketing efforts.
Experienced lead generation and management services from ALEA free up your sales and marketing people to do what they're good at - pursue potential prospects and convert them into lifelong customers.

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Our typical lead generation programs include:

  • Campaign development, creation, and execution
  • Customized messaging and scripting
  • List procurement
  • Detailed lead information about a prospect's project and environment
  • Experienced Contact Centre professionals
  • Daily email updates with real-time lead portal access
  • Ongoing program management
  • Lead portal access for 3 months after a program is closed
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