Tapping Into Technology

Social Media Optimization by the ALEA Group Marketing has never been easier since the huge growth in social media networking. What is social media? Plainly speaking, it can be defined as group activities that integrate technology, telecommunications and social interaction. The majority of consumers are tapped into social media networks like blogs, facebook, Twitter and YouTube. So, as a business, don't you think you should be too? Social media optimization is your doorway into marketing success.

In partnership with WSI (We Simplify Internet Marketing), we can help you take the (not-so) daunting step into the world of Social Media Optimization (SMO) and, when you do, your eyes will be opened. Currently, WSI's social media options for Increasing Target Traffic including a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or LinkedIn, Blogs and much more!

Contact us to set up an appointment or for more information on to find out how your internet presence can be improved with social media..


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SMO is more than marketing. It can improve other areas of your business such as:

  • Human Resources: Your business' brand is boosted online, attracting more job candidates
  • Customer Service: Communication is opened between consumer and company; trust between two is improved through real interactions
  • PR and Media Relations: Useful for spreading info via video clips, blogs, articles, etc.
  • Bottom Line: Higher profile through SMO = more business leads
Get in touch for effective social media optimization that will keep you ahead of your competitors.