The 30-Day Demand Generation Detox Diet

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your B2B Demand Generation


What's In The Book?

Less is More—Keep it Simple, Keep it Real

The Ideal Demand Generation Personality Profile

How to Build a ‘Fast and Furious’ Demand Generation Process

Barriers to B2B Marketing

A 10-Point Checklist for Achieving Marketing Leadership

A Social Media Cheat Sheet for the C-Suite—42 Tips to Make B2B Social Media Work for You

B2B Content Marketing Simplified - In 10 Easy Steps

Thought Leadership: Let’s Talk Less and Practice More

The Swiss Army Knife of B2B Thought Leaders—24 Tools You Can’tDo Without

You need to look carefully at the activities that are driving bottom line revenue.

What lead conversion and closing rates are you achieving at an organizational level? Does your lead generation program offer a 360° view? How are you monitoring and managing return on investment? Is B2B lead generation delivering the results you seek? What key changes do you need to implement in order to build more engagement, drive greater conversion and increase revenues?

Are questions like the above keeping you up at night? You need a NEW, TRANSFORMATIONAL DIET. A diet that gets rid of legacy processes and archaic mindsets that don’t work in the current, dynamic B2B environment.

If you are a CEO, CMO or senior executive in a B2B organization, you MUST read and try this 30-Day Detox Diet.

Trim the fat, flush out the toxins, rejuvenate your cells, and infuse new life into your company’s demand generation programs and activities!e checklists and analytical opinion pieces about the B2B demand generation landscape. Get on this holistic diet now!

At The ALEA Group, we have long-standing experience in helping our B2B clients with the above challenges, and more. Our CEO, Louis Foong is a leading business author and respected thought leader in social media channels and writes his leadership blog.

This new book is a treasure-trove of ideas, revolutionary concepts, thought-provoking questions, step-by-step guides, comprehensive checklists and analytical opinion pieces about the B2B demand generation landscape. Get on this holistic diet now!

About Author


Louis Foong

Louis Foong is the founder and CEO of The ALEA Group Inc., one of North America’s most innovative B2B demand generation specialists. With more than three decades of experience in the field, Louis is a thought leader on trends, best practices and issues concerning marketing and lead generation. He is member of the B2B Council of the Canadian Marketing Association (“CMA”) and a regular contributor to the (CMA) blog. His work has appeared in Yahoo News, SmartBrief,, USA Today, CustomerThink, Business2Community and on the list of “must reads” by McKinsey on Marketing and Sales.

His commentaries and opinion pieces are shared by readers and valued for their industry insights, unique perspective, real-life experiences and often radical views that stimulate active discussions. Louis’ astute sense of marketing and sales along with a clear vision of the evolving lead generation landscape has proved beneficial to numerous organizations, both small and large. With the right advice and a slew of result-driven services, he enables clients to gain maximum return on investment for their lead generation efforts. ALEA’s clients include companies in the technology, telecommunications, software, healthcare and professional services industries. Prior to starting the ALEA Group, Louis Foong has held various senior executive positions within corporate America. Today he is known and well-respected as a thought leader and pioneer in the B2B marketing world.

Louis Foong

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